Trojan meetings are usually held on the
3rd Wednesday of every month.
The evening starts at 7pm with refreshments followed at 7.30 pm
with the evening speaker or event at:
The Post Graduate Medical Centre, Mount Vernon Hospital,
Northwood, Middlesex.

For more information contact Wendy or Ann on:
Wendy: Tel: 01923 266728 Ann: 020 8386 0571 or email:

Please do come along and support all of our Speakers in 2019
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ertakes and the important role of volunteers.
Rachel Hodson





Upcoming events 2019

Wednesday 16th October
The Rational Behind 5-a-day and the importance of blood sugar regulation.
Have you ever wondered why it is that we should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day? And, if you are not over weight why should you bother trying to keep your sugar intake low?
Ellie's nutrition talk will give you the nutrition facts which lie behind the health messages we so often hear. She will be explaining the benefits of different fruits and vegetables and exactly why 5-a-day is so important. She will also explain how peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels damage your long term health and how to grow a healthy gut microbiome which will enhance your immune system and support your whole body health.
Ellie Holly BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine; MCPP:ITEC

Wednesday 20th November 2019
The PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Programme
This will be an interactive education session sharing experiences and introducing the group to the concepts behind the PINC Cancer Rehab Programme. Liz is keen to help women understand and realise how specialist physiotherapy and individually prescribed exercise can help them cope with side effects, heal as well as possible and function to optimal levels through every stage of their cancer treatment and recovery. Her belief is that there is a type of exercise that suits everyone and this is always relative, especially when working with people who have complex medical histories and health needs. The benefits of movement and exercise go far beyond just the physical
Liz Yull, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, APPI Cert Pilates Inst.,MCSP, HCPC Registered Certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist of Pilates Health Physiotherapy

Wednesday 11th December 2019
Christmas Party

Buffet, music (Michele returns with her guitar) raffle and lots of festive fun. Free to all of our members. Guests are welcome for a donation of £10 per person payable in advance of the party.

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